Solar Decathlon

Team DTU represents the Technical University of Denmark in the international competition Solar Decathlon Europe 2019.

We believe that people should have the right to live in urban, connected areas, and enjoy the opportunities that this brings, but at the same time enjoy a relationship with nature, and the disconnectivity that this can give.

We believe that the housing needs of our society have changed, and today we need something very different than society has demanded previously. We also believe that “used” does not have to result in waste, and we do not regard used as unusable, quite the contrary.

The growth in population demands alternative living arrangements, but this does not mean creating new areas, it does not mean removing the availability of nature, parks and recreational spaces. It does not mean that we have to compromise the environment. It simply means that we have to use what we already have, in a better way.

We want to change the image of modern housing. While many housing areas are dominated by a specific type of house and exude a specific era, we want to see more diversity. We want to see houses that fit the standards of modern society.

By renovating the average one family house, with simple means, we believe that we can create homes that display urban, modern living, in a spacious, natural environment.

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